Foreclosures for week of May 9, 2016


Foreclosed properties to be sold either online or at 11 a.m. on the days listed at the Manatee County Courthouse/Annex. Listed are the borrower's name, the amount of the trust deed, the lender, the file number and online or Annex. For online foreclosure sales visit


No records.


Santos Vivas et al, $269,751, Federal National Mortgage Association, 2012-CA-006934, online.

Nachbi Bernard et al, $334,234, HSBC Bank USA NA, 2013-CA-002898, online.

Alicia Ministral et al, $42,401, Branch Banking and Trust Company, 2014-CA-001525, online.

Esperanza O. Jaime, $156,930, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2015-CA-002009, online.

Margaret Celentano et al, $133,851, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2015-CA-004406, online.

Estate of Jerry M. Leigh et al, $68,688, Harbor Community Bank et al, 2015-CA-005615, online.

Ownit Mortgage Solutions Inc. et al, $42,123, Mainstreet at Bradenton Condominium Association Inc., 2015-CA-005918, online.


Lynda A. Melnick et al, $611,680, HSBC Bank USA NA et al, 2010-CA-002472, online.

David V. Valdez Jr., $142,281, Branch Banking and Trust, 2014-CA-000340, online.


Earnestine Brooks et al, $258,680, Bank of America NA et al, 2013-CA-006339, online.

Evonna Lawrence et al, $85,073, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA et al, 2015-CA-003420, online.

Jorge Riveron, $334,684, Wilmington Trust NA, 2015-CA-003723, online.


No records


The following businesses have applied for occupational licenses in Manatee County cities:


Astra Medical Transportation LLC, 9652 18th Ave. Cir. NW., vehicle for hire, Petro Chyshkevych, 941-312-6544.

Corwin's Ice Cream and Smoothies, 1000 First Ave. W., #100, restaurant, Sandra Lundsten, 941-748-3433.

Corwin's Ice Cream and Smoothies, 1000 First Ave. W., #100, new merchant or merchandising, Sandra Lundsten, 941-748-3433.

Omega Construction Work Inc., 5116 19th St. W., handyman, Jose Moran Trejo, 941-704-8555.

RFG Home Repair, 8945 Stone Harbour Loop, handyman, Paul Halvorsen, 941-212-0015.

Supercuts, 4656 SR 64 E., beauty parlor, Satvinder Singh, 941-747-3747.

Supercuts, 4656 SR 64 E., new merchant or merchandising, Satvinder Singh, 941-747-3747.