Bradenton actor’s debut movie chosen to screen at regional film festival. See it on Monday

“The Watchman’s Edict” is a political thriller starring Troy Williams, Deneige Broom and David Raizor.
“The Watchman’s Edict” is a political thriller starring Troy Williams, Deneige Broom and David Raizor. Boykins Entertainment

“The Watchman’s Edict” is a political thriller about an investigative reporter who digs deep into government secrets and finds conspiracy.

The independent flick is written and directed by Orlando filmmaker Bryan Boykins and stars Troy D. Williams, a Bradenton native who graduated from Southeast High School.

Since debuting in 2017, the film has played to crowds at theaters around the state and the country.

Now, it’s earned high honors at a local film festival.

“The Watchman’s Edict” is an official selection at the 2019 Sunshine City Film Festival in St. Petersburg. It will play during the red carpet showcase on Monday night at AMC Sundial 20.

The festival, now in its third year, recognizes the best of independent filmmaking in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

“The Watchman’s Edict” will screen alongside music videos, shorts and feature length films selected by a panel of judges.

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“The Watchman’s Edict” is Williams’ first starring role in a full-length film. The Southeast High School graduate began to pursue acting in 2015.

The project provided challenges for the actor and his director.

Director Bryan Boykins and actor Troy Williams
Director Bryan Boykins, left, gets Troy Williams ready for a take on set of “The Watchman’s Edict.” Boykins Entertainment

Boykins planned to spend weeks shooting the movie, but he had to do it in less than three days when the camera crew got called to an overseas gig.

And Williams had to quickly adjust to leading a cast of more experienced actors.

“I think Troy did a great job,” Boykins told the Bradenton Herald. “A lot of the actors had been in more films than I’ve probably seen in my life. When he first got there he was definitely intimidated, you could see it in his face. But I talked to him and said, truth be told, they’re all looking to you, you’re the lead guy. He got the confidence and started to realize there was no way around it. He really embraced the role.”

The movie may still have more honors in store; an awards ceremony will follow the screenings.

Details: 2 p.m. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Sundial AMC 20, 151 Second Ave N., St. Petersburg. $10 (cash only). Find a full schedule of the day’s screenings and buy tickets online and at sunshinecityfilmfestival.com.

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