Today is 4/20! On a totally unrelated note, here are some great spots for munchies around Bradenton

Pizza is great on April 20. Oh, and any other day of the year...
Pizza is great on April 20. Oh, and any other day of the year... Chicago Tribune/TNS

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April 20. Nothing special about today, no siree bob. Just another box on the calendar.

However — just in case you get to feeling peckish on this totally average spring day — you might be interested in one of these local spots slinging delicious, hot food.

Tacos and burritos

Birdrock Taco Shack

Choose from a wide variety of $2-$6 tacos, or go all out with burritos overflowing with the bounty of land and sea.

1004 10th Ave W., Bradenton.


Kite's Corner Pizza

A go-to for Jersey-style pizza with thick crust and herbaceous sauce. And yes, they deliver. Don't get up from that couch, you have re-runs to watch.

817 14th St. W., Bradenton.

Danny's Pizzeria

For those who prefer New York-style pizza and pasta . Baddabing! And, yes, they deliver too.

7220 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton.

Subs and sammies

South Philly Cheese Steaks

South Philly offers 10 different takes on the Philly, including a pizza steak (noticing a theme here?) and a "Cheesefake" for vegetarians. Dine in or take out at two locations in Bradenton.

5942 34th St. W. No. 115 Bradenton, and 5442 Lockwood Ridge Road, Bradenton.

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Road trip

Munchies 420 Cafe

Why is this restaurant named after April 20? Not sure, but they are even having a party to celebrate the day from 3 to 6 p.m.. Munchie's extensive menu includes every essential appetizer, burgers, sandwiches, cheese steaks, wings, hot dogs, wraps, salads and quesadillas. What's for desert, you ask? Try fried Twinkies or cheesecake bites, or of course, brownies.

6639 Superior Ave., Sarasota.


Flavors of India Bradenton

This restaurant offers a delicious buffet of traditional Indian food with something for every dietary habit. If going out is a stretch, the restaurant also offers online ordering and delivery within a 3-mile radius.

6103 14th St. W., Bradenton.

Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet

Chinese, Japanese and American food all under one roof. Don't get confused and forget where you are please.

3616 First St. W., Bradenton.

Locals recommend

We also surveyed our Facebook foodie group, Manatee Eats, for recommendations. Here were some of the best ones.

"Your 4/20 mission if you choose to accept: Start with some shrimp and conch fritters from Star Fish Company Restaurant, then roll on over to Tide Tables Restaurant and Marina for a beer and a couple fish tacos, and/or a bowl of gumbo. And since it's 4/20 hit up Boiler Room Bar and Grill for a hometown favorite, steak and cheese with a basket of fries. If after that you are still not satisfied, head downtown to The Loaded Barrel Tavern for the best Meatball Parmarosa pizza on the planet and you are DONE! Godspeed and good luck."

Other local picks:

Duff's Buffet



Zenobia Mediterranean and Kebab Grill

And remember, if all else fails, fall back on these four sacred words: Hungry Howies Pizza Buffet.

Ryan Ballogg: 941-745-7024, @rballogg