A hunt for the real location for the fictional nail salon in ‘Claws’

Carrie Preston, left, and Niecy Nash star in “Claws,” set in a fictional Palmetto nail salon.
Carrie Preston, left, and Niecy Nash star in “Claws,” set in a fictional Palmetto nail salon. Turner Entertainment Networks

Where in the world — or where in Palmetto — is Nail Artisans of Manatee County?

If you’ve been watching “Claws,” the TNT show set largely in the Palmetto and Bradenton area, you’ll recognize the reference. It’s the fictitious nail salon that does brisk business (despite that terrible name). Desna (Niecy Nash), the salon’s owner, launders money for a nearby borderline-legal pain clinic in hopes of moving to more upscale digs and of better caring for her autistic brother.

The show is filmed mostly in New Orleans, so recognizable Manatee County locales are all but non-existent. There’s no clear explanation of exactly where the salon is located but there are some scant clues in the first couple episodes. We set off to see if we could figure out where Nail Artisans of Manatee County might be, if Nail Artisans of Manatee County really was somewhere.

The clues are these: The salon’s address is 1340, though we don’t know what street it’s on. It’s in a strip mall called Palmetto Plaza (also fictitious). Also, there’s a high-rise sign from a Family Dollar store nearby. (You can see the sign repeatedly in the first episode, but not so much in the next one. Perhaps Family Dollar went through its product placement budget on just one episode.)

There’s only one Family Dollar in Palmetto, at 615 10th St. E. It doesn’t have the kind of looming sign that we see in “Claws,” and nothing in the area would have an address anywhere near 1340. But Nail Artisans could conceivably be near that Family Dollar, either in that same plaza (called Palmetto Village, which is kind of similar to the name of the strip mall in the show, or across the street near the Walmart.) So, 1340 10th St. E. would be seven blocks east, near El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant, but too far away for a Family Dollar sign to be visible.

There used to be a Family Dollar at 1170 Eighth Ave. W. The address is in a strip mall. There’s no 1340 Eighth Ave., but if there were it would be a couple of blocks to the north, near where a shop called Federal Beverage is located.

There really aren’t any other feasible locations that we could find. Maybe you know of some. Otherwise, it would seem that Nail Artisans of Manatee County is located in a parallel Palmetto, either at Palmetto Village on Tenth Street or in the past near Federal Beverage on Eighth Avenue.

Sunday’s ‘Claws’

By the way, if you’ve been enjoying “Claws” so far — or even if you’ve just been slogging through because it’s set in Manatee County — you should really enjoy the third episode, which airs at 9 p.m. Sunday. (Advance screeners were provided to the Herald.) The show seems to hit its groove in the most recent episode, with the often awkward blend of comedy and drama coming together, and there are some plot twists that will knock your proverbial socks off.

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