How to dress like a celebrity news maker for Halloween


Time to make the costume! If you’re reading this right now, you likely have a bit of work ahead of you. Don’t worry about concocting a witchy brew or laying out the candy, concentrate on who you are going to be this Halloween. An easy idea is dressing up as one of 2016’s biggest newsmakers. And there were a few:

Kim Kardashian: The reality star has been covering up in hoodies and sweatshirts since her harrowing robbery in Paris as family members say she is still traumatized and spurning attention. Certainly crime is nothing to joke about, so let’s harken back to a time to when Kim was walking outside in lingerie. Get thee to your nearest Victoria’s Secret.

Melania Trump: The first lady wannabe was a former model and knows how to carry a dress. Emulate her style by perusing the bridal racks at any discount department store (i.e., Ross) to find the white, puffy sleeved frock similar to the one the Slovenian wore to the RNC. Be sure to get the squint down perfectly. A curling iron should help with the waves.

Hillary Clinton: We have one word for you: pantsuit. Or is it two? The Democratic presidential nominee rarely dons a dress, preferring to rock rallies and debates in matching slacks and jackets. A tip: Her favorite designer is Ralph Lauren.

Donald Trump: Ooohhh, this is one is too easy, guys. Dark suit. Red power tie. Unkempt blond wig. Self tanner. Major attitude. Spout words like “huge,” “fantastic,” and “bigly” (actually “big league”) but keep it clean. Most of the major party stores are carrying masks if you’ve been living under a rock and are unable to come up with something on your own.

Taylor Swift: The pop star has made numerous headlines this past year, and unfortunately the majority are not for her amazing singing abilities. She’s managed to make enemies with rapper Kanye West; her ex, DJ Calvin Harris; and her main music rival, Katy Perry. If you dress up as Swift, put on your highest heels, snootiest attitude and walk tall through it all.

Beyonce: No one does fierce-glam quite like this lady. The pop superstar’s preferred outfit: a flashy, high-cut leotard. Do as many squats as you can, grab some control top pantyhose and a portable fan to capture Queen Bey’s flawlessly windblown hair.