Alan Dell

Commentary | Two-quarterback system still could work for Florida Gators

Why all the fuss?

Two is better than one.

Two dollars are better than one dollar. A two-parent home is better than a one-parent home.

Two days off are better than one. It's why we have a weekend.

So why are quarterbacks different?

Who says it's bad to have two starters at football's most important position?

Florida had two. Now it seems to have one. But are the Gators better off?

Jeff Driskel won the starting QB job in the Gators' 27-14 victory over Bowling Green on Saturday, but does anyone believe he is the one?

A little curl pass that Frankie Hammond turned into a 50-yard touchdown saved Driskel for another week.

You had the feeling he

might have been pulled if the Gators didn't score on that fourth-quarter possession.

All but about 10 of those yards were gained by Hammond's legs.

So don't count Jacoby Brissett out.

He is the new backup, but could be a savior in waiting.

In October, the Gators play LSU, South Carolina and Georgia. Do you believe Driskel can handle that?

This was Bowling Green!

Before that pass to Hammond, Driskel was less than impressive. There were misfires on throws, and he didn't see open receivers.

The Gators need two starters at QB.

It can work.

Bobby Bowden proved it, using a two-headed monster to make Florida State a national power.

Two-headed quarterbacks have eternal life. They just look different.

Bowden created the most famous two-headed quarterback in NCAA history when he had Jimmy Jordan and Wally Woodham.

People called the FSU quarterback during their years "Jordham."

Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease said he doesn't think a two-quarterback system is sustainable. Bowden proved otherwise. "Quarterback controversy" did not frighten him.

A QB controversy is gut-wrenching. Everyone has an opinion.

After Jordan was named MVP of FSU's Tangerine Bowl his junior year Bowden said this: "I am still not sure I made the right decision (on the starter)."

In Driskel, we believe ... We are not there yet.

He can run. We already knew that, but the operating room gets a lot smaller against SEC teams.

You've gotta admire Brissett's moxy. Driskel's rep as the top quarterback in the country coming out of high school didn't frighten him. He doesn't scare easily, which could prove valuable against LSU and rest of the SEC.

Hammond might have decided the QB winner on Saturday. LSU or Georgia could do it the next time.

When Bowden coached "Jordham," he based playing time on who was hot and who fit a particular defense. It worked fine then. It should work now. Football is football; Tebow vs Sanchez is alive and well.

"Drisett" or "Briskel" sounds like the right choice.

In 1976, Bowden took over an FSU team that was 4-29 from 1973 through 1975. He was 5-6 and then took off when he implemented his two-headed quarterback in 1977. The Seminoles went 9-2 and got their first victory over Florida in a decade. They were 8-3 and then 11-1, reaching what was then the highest national ranking -- No. 6 in the AP poll -- in school history.

More than three decades later, Gators head coach Will Muschamp was confronted with a two-headed quarterback and decided to one cut one off.

Time will tell whether he made the right decision.

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