Alan Dell

Commentary: Roller-coaster week for USF's Eveld

Oh, that Bobby, don’t you love him.

He’ll make you cry; he’ll make you mad and then he’ll make you want to shower him with hugs.

He is the terrible twos creeping into your kitchen again; throwing pots and pans around as you sit there and smile.

In Bobby’s hands we trust! Why not! Does anybody on the USF football team have a better idea?

In the span of eight days, Bobby Eveld has lived a lifetime of football.

No, make that in a span of seconds.

A week ago he was treated like a celebrity when as an untested true freshman quarterback he led the Bulls to an historic week over Miami.

Against Connecticut he looked like toast, but almost became the toast of the town.

He did his best imitation of a roller coaster.

It’s the life of a rookie.

He threw three interceptions, including one that was returned for a touchdown in the Bulls’ 19-16 loss to Connecticut on Saturday night.

It took two field goals of 50-plus yards to beat USF, and that will sting for a while; the last one from 52 yards out with 17 seconds left.

But the future looks bright, and that is what these Bulls have to look at.

Eveld is the perfect fit nullified for a Bulls defense that did not allow Connecticut into its endzone and held the Huskies heralded running back Jordan Todman in check.

The stats will say Eveld is the reason the Bulls lost to Connecticut, but as one coach around these parts once stats often lie.

The Bulls kept shooting themselves in the foot with dumb penalties and Eveld with the skill of a surgeon removed the bullets.

USF’s special teams were anything but special. You could put the loss on that group, but that might be cruel.

The best thing to do is for the Bulls put the loss into perspective. The defense doesn’t need any overhaul and is running on all cylinders.

The offense is now going to have quite a quarterback battle going on next spring with Eveld, incumbent B.J. Daniels and freshman Jamius Gunsby.

A week ago Eveld was perfect. On this night he showed he was human.

So the Big East Conference will have to tuck its head as UConn represents the league in its BCS Bowl bid.

Make no mistake. UConn is an ugly team and has lived a charmed life that has been part of the win streak that reached five with the win over USF.

The Huskies put on their hard hats and pound at you daring you stop them. The Bulls almost did.

In victories over West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Connecticut was the recipient of seven turnovers. The Bulls gave them three. In its four game win streak, UConn gained 14 turnovers.

One might say that’s the mark of an opportunistic defense. Others would call it luck.

Good fortune was not with the Bulls on this night unless you look at the future

They have Bobby and right now that’s saying a lot; stats be darned.

The defense held UConn’s Jordan Todman to 93 yards on 33 carries, marking the first time this season the nation’s second leading rusher was held under 100 yards.

Eveld completed 22 of 41 passes for 195 yards with his touchdown and three picks. Those are not pretty stats unless you see the beauty in his performance.

In Bobby we trust; say it again because right now it appears the future of the Bulls offense is going to be in his hands and that’s not such a bad thing.