Alan Dell

A look at some recent bizarre moments in sports history

From the “I am glad I didn’t do that” list: Here is a look at some baffling acts of human behavior that have made the past two months arguably the most bizarre in sports history.

A DOG OF A TIME — Six-time hot dog eating champ Takeru Kobayashi was arrested in Coney Island, N.Y., after trying to jump the stage at the Major League Eating contest. He did not participate because of a contract dispute, but maintains his world record for eating cow brains, which should continue to make him a renowned figure in his sport.

PILING ON YOURSELF — After making a video denouncing drunken driving, Georgia athletic director Damon Evans was arrested on a DUI charge. The married 40-year-old father of two had a 28-year-old woman in his car that was pulled over at midnight, and it was reported he tried to buy his way out of the arrest. This is a case of not leaving bad enough alone.

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE JOSE? — Former baseball great Jose Canseco fought a boxing match against a 60-year-old and lost. The 46-year-old was paid between $10,000 and $30,000 for his one minute and 17 second theatrical nightmare that might have taken away what little credibility he has left.

MIKE FORD’S DILEMMA — The troubled life of the former USF running back continues. Suspensions started piling up his freshman year until he was released from the Bulls last winter after his junior season. Then on the verge of a pro career in Canada, he was arrested on charges of domestic abuse.

He is a likeable guy, who can’t figure out life.

MICHAEL VICK’S BIRTHDAY PARTY — Here is a guy walking a tightrope where one misdeed could end his football career and void a $2.5 million contract he is close to signing. So he has a birthday party, charges $50 a person and chaos breaks out with a former co-defendant getting shot! Does Vick need a better accountant or a psychologist.

THE LAWRENCE TAYLOR DECISION — People ridicule the LeBron James Decision, but that is tame compared to the alleged acts of New York Giants football great Taylor, who was indicted last week on charges of third degree-rape and patronizing a 16-year-old prostitute. The hero here is his wife who came to his court appearance and denounced the accusations.

DAN GILBERT’S RAGE — It’s understandable that the Cleveland Cavaliers owner felt jilted when LeBron James left him standing at the altar, but guaranteeing he would win a title before the King and his court in Miami makes him look foolish, and his bashing of his former star actually gained LBJ sympathy.

ON THE FENCE ON THIS ACT — The decision by Braden River Little Major League manager Tony Losada to intentionally walk Kevin Acevedo eight times in back-to-back games raised questions. He and his coaches feel it was justified and did not take away from the spirit of Little League baseball. Others say it was unsportsmanlike. But the 12 year-old may have had the last laugh scoring seven runs in those at-bats.

Those unfortunate victims

BAD LUCK BRANYAN — From the I am spooked category: Seattle Mariners pitcher Russell Branyan will be out indefinitely after injuring his left big toe on a table while trying to close some curtains. His manager said “we’ve all done that.” Okay, I must have missed something in my life.

NOTHING TO SNEEZE ABOUT — Mat Latos has learned not to hold anything back, but it was a costly lesson. The San Diego Padres pitcher was put on the 15 day disabled list with a strain to his left side. He suffered the injury attempting to hold back a sneeze.