Manatees disagree on Super Bowl picks

First there was Paul the Octopus who had an uncanny ability to pick World Cup soccer winners last year in Oberhausen, Germany.

Now, two manatees at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota have been asked to predict the Super Bowl winner.

The winner? Just like human sports fans who are bound to disagree when talking sports, the manatees differed over Green Bay and Pittsburgh.

Mote’s resident manatees, Hugh and Buffett, were asked to choose Friday, according to a Mote press release.

“Buffett swam to a logo for the Green Bay Packers and Hugh chose the Pittsburgh Steelers, revealing that even best buddies can’t always agree on sports,” the press release said,

It’s not the first time the manatees have been asked to make a sports prognostication.

“Packers fans will be glad to hear that Buffett has picked the correct team for the past three years, while Hugh has tried twice and picked correctly once,” the press release said.