Inside the Super Bowl


The Arizona Cardinals (12-7) and Pittsburgh Steelers (14-4) battle Sunday for the Lombardi trophy, 6:20 p.m., NBC.

Isn’t there another team?

Stacks of Pittsburgh Steelers postseason history packets covered nearly half a table at the Super Bowl media center inside the Tampa Convention Center on Sunday. Each contained almost 40 pages of facts, figures and game recaps from the Steelers’ glorious playoff history.

There were no such packets for the Arizona Cardinals.

Now, the Cards aren’t as steep in postseason tradition as the Steelers — heck, as almost every other team. But not one packet?

Maybe they ran out of copy paper after running off the Steelers guides?

Since you asked . . .

The first postseason game in Steelers history was the 1947 NFL Divisional Game played Dec. 21, 1947, against the Eagles in Philadelphia.

The Eagles took their first step toward three consecutive NFL title games with a 21-0 victory.

The Peacock returns

NBC will carry its 16th Super Bowl on Sunday night. Al Michaels will call his seventh Super Bowl while analyst John Madden will be in the both for his 11th. Sideline reporter Andrea Kremer is working her 20th Super Bowl.

He got ’em

Rays manager Joe Maddon, who said he is more than a big Cardinals fan — “Not big, severe” — was able to buy two tickets to the game with the help of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Maddon became a Cardinals fan in 1962.

He was 8 when his dad took him to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium and bought him a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap. Maddon became a fan of both the baseball and football Cardinals at that moment.

— Roger Mooney,

Herald Staff