Sports talk, straight from the Herald newsroom

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Turns out the podcast was a lot easier than coming up with a title.

When Bradenton Herald sports columnist Roger Mooney and I were approached with the idea of doing a weekly podcast — a first for our newspaper — the tough part wasn't coming up with topics.

Doing a podcast was a natural for us; Roger and I talk sports all the time, and that's how we want our podcast to go. Unlike sports radio — where it seems most hosts simply try to take more and more outrageous opinions or make more outlandish statements to get their listeners to call in — we wanted to share the kind of discussions we usually have, just two guys who spend a living watching, thinking about and, of course, writing about sports, talking about the topics that catch their attention.

It's the kind of talk you might hear over the water cooler, or at least as a fly on the wall of a press box. We're not really fans — we've been doing this too long to have a rooting interest in any team one way or the other — but because we've spent so much time on the sidelines, in the dugout, in locker rooms far and wide, we have our own perspective on things.

So every Wednesday, listen in as we talk about everything from professional sports to high schools. We'll even get some other Herald sports staffers involved in the discussion from time to time.

This week, join us as we discuss the upcoming Super Bowl — here in Tampa Bay — between the Steelers and Cardinals; the Bucs' surprising move to replace Jon Gruden with Raheem Morris, and the Rays getting ready for spring training in their new home in Port Charlotte.

Now, about that name. We considered a long list of possible podcast names — Buzzer beaters, the clean-up hitters, bleacher bums, from the cheap seats, Xs and Os, pardon the podcast — but in the end settled on "Leading Off." So this is our way of leading off — talking sports, just doing what comes natural around here.