Tampa Bay Rays

When Game 5 resumes, Balfour will be on mound

PHILADELPHIA — Grant Balfour was on the mound when Game 5 of the World Series was suspended Monday night, and Rays manager Joe Maddon said Balfour will be on the mound when Game 5 resumes, whenever that will be.

Maddon said he will not send James Shields or Matt Garza to the mound when the game begins.

“I don’t want to do that,” Maddon said. “We still have two games after that. We have a rested bullpen. I have a lot of confidence in our bullpen. We’re talking the bottom of the sixth right now. There are different things we can do to finish this game off. So we have to win this game to get to James and to get to Garza.”

The Rays catch a break, knowing they won’t see Cole Hamels anymore in Game 5. They won’t likely see the Phillies left-hander again this series, unless Game 5 is delayed until Wednesday and Hamels is used in Game 7 if the series goes that far.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said the game would be played to its conclusion regardless the score at the time of the delay. Maddon said he didn’t think the game would be shortened on account of the weather, but added that wasn’t on his mind.

“I didn’t know exactly how that was going to be handled, that rule,” Maddon said. “I knew commissioner has flexibility, I believe, under those circumstances. That was not my concern. My concern was just that we score a run or two. I was not really worried about the ramifications at that point. I couldn’t be. We’re just trying to tie the game or get ahead. Whatever would have been decided post that, I have no control over that, thus I’m not going to worry about it. For me, I was very aware of all the potential ramifications, but for me, for us, believe me, man, we’re trying to live in the moment.”

A bigger concern for the Rays was, where would they spend Monday night?

The team checked out of their hotel before heading to the park for Game 5, and traveling secretary Jeff Ziegler had to scramble to find hotel rooms for the players, coaches, manager and traveling party.

“We did check out of our hotel, and we’re looking into other accommodations,” team president Matt Silverman said. “I think we have them. It may not be within Philadelphia proper, but it should be close.”