Pittsburgh Pirates

In Step With: Pirates OF Jason Bay

Each day during spring training, Bradenton Herald staff writers will catch up with a Pirates or Rays player for a quick glimpse of things you might not know, and some things you won't find on the back of a baseball card.

Name: Jason Bay.

Position: Left fielder.

Years with team: Five.

MLB experience: Four years, 80 days.

Stats last season: .247 BA, 21 HR, 84 RBI, 78 R.

Height: 6-2.

Weight: 205.

Date of birth: Sept. 20, 1978 in Trail, British Columbia, Canada.

Childhood Hero: Eric Davis, Cincinnati Reds OF.

Hobbies interests: “I have a 15-month-old daughter, and she takes up a lot of my time,” Bay said. “I enjoy surfing the Internet and having the occasional glass of wine.”

Nickname: Jay Bay - “Pretty boring, but that’s been it.”

Favorite movies: Count of Monte Cristo and Gladiator.

On iPod: Everything. “I’m a big 80s guy, but I get a little country and rap on there, too.”

Favorite TV show: Entourage.

Favorite pre-game meal: Granola bar. “I can’t play on a full stomach.”

First baseball memory: “When I was 8 years old going up the Little League park. I remember there was a fence you could never get the ball over. You could roll it there. But I got one out one time. I’ll never forget that.”

Baseball superstitions: More routines than superstitions, he said. “I do the same thing on deck every time. I wear the same undershirt the entire year. It gets washed.”

First job: Paper boy.

Most painful memory or moment: Tore up his ankle rounding first base when he was 16. “That was physically and emotionally painful looking down at that.”

Funniest teammate: Freddy Sanchez. “He’s the funniest guy ever.”

First car: 1983 Honda Prelude.

Ballplayers you’d like to meet past or present: “It would be Roberto Clemente because he played here (in Pittsburgh) and you kind of hear a lot about him.”

Favorite athlete in any sport to watch: “I’m from Canada, so I’m a big hockey guy. (Pittsburg Penguins center ) Sidney Crosby. And (Alexander) Ovechkin from the Washington Capitals is pretty fun to watch."