High School Sports

Nolan students working hard to perfect ‘Mulan Jr.’

Only six more rehearsals until the curtains lift for the show. Nolan Middle School’s “Mulan Jr.” cast and crew have put in a lot of effort into this year’s play. Rehearsals have been going great, and with so many scenes to practice, they have done a wonderful job so far.

Last Thursday was the costume fitting, and colors were flying everywhere. From red robes to traditional blue Chinese dresses, and even a red-and-yellow dragon costume, the sight was absolutely marvelous.

Please support “Mulan Jr.” by coming to see the show and the tremendous amount of effort and work the cast and crew has presented! The dates for the show are May 8 and 9 starting at 7 p.m. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and tickets are $5 for ages 5 and older.

Thank you to the Builders Club members who have helped with the school service project, the Planting Project with the Butterfly Garden on April 18. This project is also a part of Kiwanis’ Keep Manatee Beautiful. Several members from Builder’s Club came to school on Saturday with gardening tools to water plants, replant flowers, and helped brighten up the Butterfly Garden. This is Builders Club’s third year participating in this project with Mr. Dominic Florio. Starting out with an empty area of grass, they have helped transform it into an oasis and haven for students, staff, and of course, butterflies to enjoy. Mr. Florio has assisted in identifying plants, reprocessing cardboard, and has played a large role in creating the Butterfly Garden for our school.

Thank you to Mrs. Nancy Swanson, assistant principal and Kiwanis school advisor, and Mrs. Aranibar, Kiwanis-LWR president and Kiwanis advisor for Nolan Builders Club. Club members present were Jackie Aranibar, Jon Aranibar, Nikki Williams, Olivia Shultz, Kellie Holohan, and Rae Kwon Andrews.

There will be a 6th Grade Orientation Night tonight. Members of different clubs will be present to discuss the extracurricular activities available at Nolan. We hope to see you soon!