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State College of Florida's Angie Dascoli aids deep pitching staff in successful 2012

BRADENTON -- Trust is of the utmost importance when dealing with a softball pitcher and catcher's relationship.

It also is necessary to have that trust between a head coach and a catcher, too.

At State College of Florida, the Manatees possess a catcher that calls all the pitches that the deep rotation possesses with supreme command.

It's worked so well that SCF is enjoying its first trip to the JUCO World Series since 2005, when the event was held in Clermont.

Angie Dascoli is the catalyst of the operation from behind the dish.

"They are all very different," Dascoli said.

That makes Dascoli's job part-psychologist and part-psychiatrist.

Yet she's performed it at a high level. As co-captain, Dascoli said she has a special bond with co-captain and fellow sophomore Chelsea Oglevie, who entered the season as the club's ace.

Freshman Paige Mathews emerged as a rock star in the pitcher's circle, generating 268 strike outs in just under 200 innings pitched.

But the Manatees aren't a two-trick pony. They also have Kirstin Toole, who has performed well in 20 games.

All three possess an earned run average below 1.75.

The trick is the confidence the staff has in Dascoli's ability to call what they want to throw.

"It makes it a lot easier behind the plate when my pitchers are confident in how I catch," Dascoli said. "Chelsea, you can be straight forward with her. You can kind of just give it to her as it is. Paige, you have to a baby a little bit. But that's just the different pitching styles."

Oglevie said when she thinks of a pitch to throw, Dascoli calls for it beforehand.

That showcases how in sync the duo are, and it's not any different for Mathews.

"I know what's going to happen and she knows when to come to talk to me when I'm getting frazzled on the mound," Mathews said.

Helping with that relationship is how the group bonds away from the softball field. Oglevie said they do everything together, whether it's watching movies together or eating together and everything in between.

"You have to put your trust in each other, or else you wouldn't get anywhere," said Oglevie, who is 13-3 in 2012 with a 1.26 ERA and a 1.046 WHIP. "You can't rely on yourself. You have to trust your coaches and your teammates more than anything. More than yourself."

Head coach Meredith Headings affords Dascoli the ability to call the games.

That's something Headings has no qualms about allowing Dascoli to do.

That softball IQ has aided the staff to the success it has received this season. And it's a key reason why the Manatees open the national tournament in St. George, Utah today.

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