Rhea named IMG’s head of sport science

Matt Rhea, an applied sport scientist and strength and conditioning expert serving as a sport science consultant to many high school, college and professional athletes, and organizations, has been named head of sport science at IMG, the academy said Wednesday.

IMG said Rhea, who relocated to the area for the job, will lead a systemized approach to data collection, analysis and application to continue driving the evolution of IMG Academy’s science-based approach to performance training.

“We are very excited that Matt has joined the team as Head of Sport Science, an appointment that will help us to drive continuous evidence-based evolution of our training programs,” said David Hesse, director of Athletic and Personal Development at IMG Academy. “Sport science is a fast growing area in performance training and we are delighted that one of the best practitioners in the country has joined the IMG team.”

Rhea earned his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Coaching from Southern Utah University, followed by his Master of Science degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State University. Continuing on at Arizona State, Rhea completed his Ph.D. in 2004 with a research focus in athletic performance enhancement.