Golf Tip with Sara Bay Country Club’s Daren King

One of the toughest areas for amateur golfers to get consistent shots from is bunkers. Specifically, around the greens. So Sara Bay Country Club head pro Daren King explains the concept of bounce and how the proper amount, depending on your swing, helps gain consistency with sand shots in this week’s Bradenton Herald golf tip.

“Effective bounce allows the club to slide through the sand,” King said. “... So one of the characteristics is learning what type of swinger you are. Some people are sweepers, meaning they are very shallow and don’t take many divots. Some are neutral and some are diggers. So the bounce changes effectively for your swing. I’m more of a neutral to sometimes a digger, so I need a little bit more bounce. People that are sweepers of the club ... they use less bounce so the leading edge isn’t going to hit the ground and bounce the club into the ball.”

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