Shufflin' | More district issues to discuss

Last week's column touched on several subjects from the Jan. 3 district meeting and provoked much conversation and many comments. This column tries to keep everyone informed about current issues objectively in hopes that our sport will benefit.

It has been revealed since Jan. 3 that if any sanctioned tournament is designated as Pros Only, that State Amateurs would automatically have the privilege of earning move-up points for wins in the Amateur Division that week. That is only fair, and State Ams may be sure they will get points in such an event.

The idea of a Pro Only tournament was actually discussed Jan. 3, and ideas pro or con are welcome. Let your club president know your position on issues you care about.

Another discussion involved the concept of Mingle-Singles at the district level for Amateurs. One speaker reported that a Mingles-Singles the first day would allow everyone to play six games with almost no waiting. Then the top winners would draw partners and come back to play the rest of the tournament while the others would be released from going the second day. This could be tried once the first year as an experiment, if voted in by the district.

Tournament results

FL P-14A, Jan. 5 at Sebring. Ladies Main: 1. Judy Taylor. Men Main: 2. Jerry Stannard.

FL P-14B, Jan. 5 at Clearwater. Ladies Main: 2. Terri Smith, 3. Flo Kowalewski-Patty Howell, 4. Pam Nurnberger-Pat Batdorff. Consolation: 4. Joyce Marquis-Claudia Kellogg.

FL A-11 at Leesburg. FL Sponsored Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Consolation: 3. Wolter and Shirley Bootsma.

Jan. 8 at Bradenton, SWCD D-10, M/L Doubles Restricted to State Ams and Pros. Men Main: 1. Dave Kudro-Jerry Everett, 2. Ralph Lozano-Jerry Stannard, 3. Jim Miller-Clarence Gingerich, 4. Nelson Kellogg-Ben Coy. Consolation: 1. Peter Berg-Mike Marquis, 2. Charlie DeVries-Ed Leonard, 3. Jerry Rahl-George Godson, 4. Levi Miller-Phil Krick. Ladies Main: 1. Joyce Marquis-Joan McCurdy, 2. Nancy Sclafani-Terri Smith, 3. Kathy Smith-Heather Godson, 4. Shirley McCullough-Marlene Coburn. Consolation: 1. Letha DeVries-Pam Nurnberger, 2. Erika Berg-Carol Lumsden, 3. Arlene McCague-Margaret Hartzler 4. Joan Curwin-Patty Howell.

Jan. 9 at Bradenton, SWCD A-8, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Main: 1. Adam Letz-Jack Welty, 2. Linden Terwilliger-Lydia Yoder, 3. Gilles Emard-Sandra Kolinski, 4. Larry Belsley-Terry Weigel. Consolation: 1. Kay Lynn Duncan-Patty Yates, 2. Bill Bierema-Doug Smith, 3. Tom and Cheryl Putnam, 4. Paula Jacobson-Judy Cross.

Future tournaments

Tuesday is the second day of FL P-15A at St. Cloud and P-15B at Lee County, M/L Doubles, 75 points. Also second day of FL A-12 National Amateurs, M/L Non-Walking Singles at Lakeland, 12 frames or 75 points.

Thursday, SWCD D-12 at Golf Lakes, Restricted Draw Doubles, M/L, 16 frames or 75 points.

Friday at Golf Lakes, SWCD A-9, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 16 frames or 75 points.

Jan. 19 at Hollywood FL P-16 State-Sponsored Singles, M/L, Walking.Non-Walking, 75 points Walking, 12 frames or 75 points Non-Walking. Also Jan. 19 at Bradenton Tropical Palms FL A-14B, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. FL 14A is at Avon Park, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Both Avon Park and Bradenton Tropical Palms will offer lunch first day.


Last week's column mentioned Shuffle School on Jan. 24 at Bradenton with classes at all levels. If interest warrants a second or more sessions, it can be arranged. As always, the school is free and worth every bit of it. In addition, if a district club so requests, we could have a school at your venue at a later date. Many of today's regular players cut their eye teeth, as the saying goes, at one of our schools.

District players and personnel are praying for improved health for Mel Erb, Ann Wedel, Charlie Hearn and Gerald Wynn whom we miss on the courts at present.

Dona Dunn is 90 on Jan. 21. A card shower would be appropriate for her. She and Earl spent winters at Sugar Creek and played at Bradenton for many years, until Earl's passing a few years back. Her address on the farm is 15001 Hutchinson Road, Battle Creek, MI 49017.

Happy shuffling.ShuffleboardSUNCOAST MIXED SHUFFLE LEAGUE

Jan. 6


Pescara Lake 13, Plantation Village 2; Golf Lakes 11, Bayshore Windmill Village 4; Heather Hills 8, Floridana 7.Three-game winnersPescara Lake -- Roger McClure & Terry McLain, Larry Halouska & Ray Frappier, Joe Vojacek & Tony Aquilino.

Golf Lakes -- Myrna Luse & Margaret Gibbons, Paul Ice & Ed Hollander.Standings1. Heather Hills 83, 2. Golf Lakes 75.5, 3. Bayshore Windmill 74.5, 4. Floridana 68.5, 5. Pescara Lake 67, 6. Plantation Village 36.SUNCOAST SHUFFLETES

Jan. 5

ResultsHeather Hills 25, Plantation Village 5; Fair Lane Acres 18, Seabreeze 12; Bayshore Windmill bye.Three-game winnersHeather Hills -- Barbara Bader, Laverna Caswell, Jan Gorsuch, Fran McMillen, Carol Zigterman.

Fair Lane Acres -- Pauline Andrade, Lorna Wagner.

Seabreeze -- Janice O'Sullivan.Standings1. Heather Hills 101, 2. Fair Lane Acres 96, 3. Seabreeze 73, 4. Bayshore Windmill Village 71, 5. Plantation Village 55.