Shufflin' | Wedel, Miller enter Hall of Fame

At the 52nd annual Florida Hall of Fame Banquet on Jan. 16, Walt Wedel and Jim Miller were inducted.

Held in conjunction with the 80th annual Florida State-Sponsored Singles at Clearwater, nine players were inducted by FSA President Glen Peltier.

Walt Wedel, of Fulton, Mich., and Golf Lakes has shuffled in Bradenton for most of 30 years. The Wedels, Walt and Ann, are retired Michigan farmers and also were champion horseshoe pitchers before taking up shuffle. Walt is even a past president of the National Shuffleboard Association and a member of the USA-NSA Hall of Fame. He also is treasurer of the Michigan Shuffleboard Association and even sponsors tournaments there as well.

Jim Miller, Indiana farmer and Snowbird resident of Pinecraft Community of Sarasota has shuffled since 1998. Jim has won the Southwest Coast District Masters and the Florida State Masters. Jim and his wife, Jo, have been instrumental in recent improvements to the Bradenton Shuffle Club. Jo also is an assistant tournament director in the district and Florida.

Both Jim Miller and Walt Wedel received many compliments during their induction by President Peltier. Six other players and one special award from other districts also were inducted.

n Arlene Guerrini of Clearwater arrived from Pennsylvania in 1992. She earned 53 points of the requisite 200 last year alone.

n Mickey Henson of the West Coast District, originally from Michigan, has shuffled in tournaments since 1990.

n Ellie Prevost of Maine and Clearwater has shuffled in the West Coast District since 1994.

n Phil Rebholz, Indiana farmer and Central East Coast District shuffler is First Vice-President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.

n Jerry Stannard of the Central District calls Lake Region near Winter Haven home now. Pinned by his 97 year-old father, also a shuffler, Jerry has played in four consecutive Florida Masters.

n Henry Strong, of Ontario and Zephyrhills, has been a leader at Zephyrhills Shuffle Club for many years and built his own court at his home in Belle River, Ontario.

n Barbara Henson received a Special Award as a tournament director and helper at Clearwater and Hendersonville, N.C. She and Mickey spend summers in North Carolina.

The ceremonies were very well conducted and a pleasure to attend.

Tournament results

n FL P-15B, Jan. 9 at Lee County, Ladies Main: 1. Judy Taylor-Ann Wedel. Consolation 2. Shirley McCullough-Marlene Coburn, 3. Marilyn Everett-Beverly Jensen, 4. Flo Kowalewski-Anna Nuttall. Men Main: 1. Jim Bailey-Jerry Everett, 2. Walt Wedel-Dave Kudro. Consolation: 1. Ed Leonard-Charlie DeVries, 3. Larry Mardis-Ira Snook.

n FL A-11, Jan. 9 at Golf Lakes. Main Event: 1. Carol Peoni-Vern Wallingford, 2. Ron and Pam Nurnberger, 3. Ralph and Carol Butcher, 4. Elmer Heisler-Bill Faudree. Consolation: 1. Birl Sparks-Bob Kendall, 2. Jim Vatter-Sherman White, 3. Dan Lake-Carl Olmstead, 4. Gloria Hollander-Mae Kase. SWCD D-12 and A-9 will be finished on the Rain Date Feb. 16 at Golf Lakes.

n FL P16 State Sponsored Singles, Jan. 16 at Clearwater. Ladies Non-Walking Singles Main: 2. Joyce Marquis. Ladies Walking Singles Consolation: 1. Judy Taylor. Men’s Main Non-Walking: 3. Gene McCullough. Men’s Walking Main: 2. Jim Miller, 3. Larry Mardis, 4. Larry Taylor.

n SWCD D-13, Jan. 19 at Tri-Par, Restricted Draw Doubles. Ladies Main: 1. Joyce Marquis-Marty Reiter, 2. Claudia Kellogg-Jane McCulloch, 3. Alice Barlow-Nancy Sclafani, 4. Letha DeVries-Marcia Brazier. Consolation: 1. Marlene Slosser-Anna Nuttall, 2. Barbara Duggan-Kathy Boutwell, 3. Shirley McCullough-Mae Kase, 4. Marlene Coburn-Erika Berg. Men’s Main: 1. Larry Toole-Larry Mardis, 2. Bill Tice/Larry Taylor, 3. Faren Van De Grift-Dave Gatchell, 4. Jim Rathburn-Jerry Jensen. Consolation: 1. Peter Berg-Bob Grisson, 2. Moe LeFavour-Ben Coy, 3. Dennis Spangler-Terry Howell, 4. John Brown-Al Nuttall.

n SWCD A-10, Jan. 20 at Tri-Par. District Ams/Any Doubles. Main: 1. Jim Smith-Terry Wright, 2. Russell Spoto-Sharon Hoyt, 3. Jim Vatter-Richard Klingman, 4. Terry McNamara-Tom Cullen. Consolation: 1. Scott Fenimore-Gerry Johnson, 2. Gilbert Broadhead-John Mickle, 3. Linden Terwilliger-Jerry Rahl, 4, Don Gray-Marge Kerr.

Future tournaments

n Today is the second day of the National Doubles at Trailer Estates and FL A-14A at Avon Park and 14B at Riverwoods Plantation near Estero.

n Thursday, SWCD D-14 at Palmetto M/L Draw Doubles Restricted to State Ams and Pros, 16 Frames-75 points.

n Friday, SWCD A-11 at Palmetto, District Ams/Any Doubles, 16 frames-75 points.

n Monday, FL P-18A at Betmar, 18B at Hollywood M/L Doubles. Also Monday at Bradenton Tropical Palms FL A-15 Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

n Feb. 2, SWCD D-15 at Bradenton M/L Doubles Restricted to State Ams and Pros. Feb. 3 at Bradenton SWCD A-12, District Ams/Any Doubles.

n Feb. 6, FL P-19 at Clearwater State-Sponsored Doubles M/L. Also Feb. 6, FL A-16 Any Ams/Any Doubles at Paradise Bay.


Shuffle School for all who wish to begin or improve at 9 a.m. Feb. 4 at Bradenton Shuffle Club.

Look for this column each week until further notice.

Happy shuffling.