Shuffleboard | A resolution for 2012: Attend shuffle school

The Southwest Coast District of the Florida Shuffleboard Association offers two new opportunities to enroll in Saturday classes to advance your skills in shuffling.

On Jan. 28 at Bradenton Shuffle Club, classes will be held for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Enrollment is free and worth every bit of it. This event is jointly sponsored by Lions Clubs in this area. All are welcome at 9 a.m.

On Feb. 4, a similar offering is geared to acquaint new groups with shuffleboard. Trailer parks, condos, neighborhoods and individuals are welcome. Perhaps new shuffle clubs may grow from these schools. If your group does not receive a letter among the several being invited, you are welcome anyway. It will assist our planning to know if you are coming. Feel free to notify District President Mike Marquis at 723-0627, Bradenton Shuffle Club President Paul Knepper at 722-3261 or 747-6184 or John L. Brown at 756-8548.

These promise to be two separate, equal opportunities to try this sport we love and love to share. A warm welcome awaits. Faculty is prepared to offer respect and courtesy. We try to help you begin at whatever level you are.

Tournament results

n FL P-11A Dec. 12 at Ft. Pierce. Ladies Consolation: 2. Dolores Brown. Men Main: 3. John L. Brown. FL P-11B at Zephyrhills Betmar. Ladies Main: 1. Judy Taylor. Men Main: 2. Ira Snook-Larry Mardis. FL A-7 National Mixed Amateur Doubles at Avon Park Main: 2. Bob Kindall-Claudia Kellogg.

n SWCD D-10 Dec. 15 at Golf Lakes. Men Main: 1. Larry Mardis-Larry Taylor, 2. Dennis Spangler-Les Peterson, 3. Paul Lowe-Ralph Lozano, 4. Paul Miller-Walt Wedel. Consolation: 1. Peter Berg-Bill Duggan, 2. Hank Hoekstra-Paul Knepper, 3. Mac Frazier-Jerry Everett, 4. Jim Leonard-Dan Coughlin. Ladies Main: 1. Joyce Marquis-Margaret Hartzler, 2. Evelyn White-Jean Goeman, 3. Judy Taylor-Marilyn Everett, 4. Shirley McCullough-Marlene Coburn. Consolation: 1. Flo Chhilderhose-Claudia Kellogg, 2. Flo Kowalewski-Patty Howell, 3. Marty Reiter-Lois Wegner, 4. Carolyn Bailey-Myrna Luse.

n SWCD A-7 Dec. 16 at Golf Lakes. Amateurs/Any Doubles. Main: 1. David Welsh-Fred Thompson, 2. Jim Smith-Terry Wright, 3. Sandy and Tom Wixson, 4. Bob Filary –George Rice. Consolation: 1. Paul Maille-Jim Bishop, 2. Fran Baker-Jill DeBruyne, 3. Walt and Shirley Bootsma, 4. William and Lois Hickman.

n FL P-12A Dec. 19 at Lee County. Ladies Main: 2. Shirley McCullough-Marilyn Everett. 4. Flo Kowalewski-Patty Howell. Men Main: 2. Bob Cooter. 3 Ira Snook-Larry Mardis. Consolation: 1. Stan Kowalewski-Terry Howell, 4. Dave Kudro-Mel Erb.

n FL P-12B at Clearwater Dec. 19. Ladies Main: 3. Marlene Coburn-Jane O. Bird. Men Main: 3. Hank Hoekstra-Peter Berg. Also Dec. 19 FL A-8 at Clearwater, Any Amateur/Any Doubles. Main: 2. George and Heather Godson. Consolation: 2. Birl Sparks-Elmer Heisler.

Future tournaments

n Today is the second day of FL P-13 at Bradenton and the first day of FL A-9 at Bradenton. FL A-9 is Any Amateurs/Any Doubles and an excellent local opportunity for move-up points.

n Monday: FL P-14A at Sebring, P-14B at Clearwater Open M/L Doubles. Also Monday, FL A-10 at Palmetto Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

n Jan. 5 is SWCD D-11 at Bradenton, Restricted to State Ams and Pros, M/L Divisions. Jan. 6 is SWCD A-8 at Bradenton, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

n Jan. 9: FL P-15A at St. Cloud, P-15B at Lee County, Open M/L Doubles. Also Jan. 9: FL A-11 at Golf Lakes, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.


n Peter Berg, avid promoter of shuffleboard at all levels, reminds us that five players from Imperial Lakes placed at Golf Lakes in SWCD D-10, Margaret Hartzler, Dennis Spangler, Les Peterson, Peter Berg, and Hank Hoekstra. A well-deserved compliment.

n Players wishing to amend rules and policy are reminded that this is the year for 10-Day notices, due about Jan. 1, online or to Florida officers.

Happy shuffling and Happy New Year.