Shuffleboard | District leaders have eye on improvements for future

District leadership plans improvements for 2012. Among considerations are the need for more district amateurs, complaints about waiting, need for increased fairness and tournament types.

To get more district ams playing, the new District Promotion Committee is offering clinics or schools on shuffleboard. A letter is being prepared to offer an introductory school in Bradenton in the near future for leaders to attend to evaluate shuffleboard as a project of neighborhoods, trailer parks or condo associations.

The promotion committee also will offer to bring a clinic to your place if six or more are interested. Along with getting new players and new clubs is a willingness to consider improvements to tournaments.

Some shufflers avoid tournaments because of waiting. One cause of waiting is long games. It has been noted that limited-frames games reduce waiting. Some district tournaments of 16 frames or 75 points, whichever occurs first, have demonstrated that the tournament moves ahead with less waiting. If more clubs offer that format, attendance might pick up. Ask your club to try this next season.

Another way to shorten games would be to offer 10 points to the opponent if you are kitchened rather than subtracting 10 from your score. This would require a 10-day notice to the state by Jan. 1; think about it.

Another frequent complaint has to do with “breaking up the sets.” Ordinary players feel intimidated playing a team of two Hall of Fame or two Masters players, More special tournaments are requested by these people; tournaments such as No 2 Pros, one district am minimum on every team, No 2 Hall of Famers, or No 2 Masters Players, Draw tournaments.

Another novel idea to increase fairness: third game if needed, eight frames on each color regardless of the score, rather than lagging for 75 points on the same color. Such a game is both shorter and fairer, especially on courts which favor one color.

Advocate for your club to offer that which appeals to you. The District Committee on Tournaments can only choose from among tournaments offered by host clubs.

Tournament results

n Nov. 14 FL A-3 at Sebring, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Men Consolation: 3. Del Schram-Gerald Wynn.

n Nov. 11 SWCD A-3 at Bradenton, Any District Amateurs/Any Doubles. Main: 1. Larry Fowler-Richard McCowan, 2. Jim Vatter-Patrick Raleigh, 3. Elaine Jarvis-Nancy Ulicny, 4. Frank Rivett-Jim Collins. Consolation: 1. Jim Smith-Terry Wright, 2. Betty and Eugene Korpusik, 3. David Welsh-Fred Thompson, 4. Russ Spoto-Donna Kranc.

n Nov. 14 FL P-7A at Bradenton M/L Doubles. Ladies Main: 1. Judy Taylor, 4. Sue Minnich. Consolation 2. Joyce Marquis-Margaret Hartzler, 3. Kathy Boutwell-Luelen Coughlin. Men Main: 1. Jerry Everett-Bob Cooter, 2. Jim Bailey-Jim Miller, 3. Dave Minnich-Dick Whitaker, 4. Dave Gatchell-Clare Mitchell. Consolation 1. Dwayne Cross-Faren Van De Grift, 2. Larry Taylor-Larry Mardis.

n Nov. 17 at Trailer Estates Open Doubles M/L Division. Ladies Main: 1. Judy TaylorMarilyn Everett, 2. Marlene Coburn-Pat Batdorff, 3, Joyce Marquis-Nancy Sclafani, 4. Lois Wegner-Margaret Hartzler. Consolation: 1. Marty Reiter-Emma Searcy, 2. Sue Daidone-Linda Wallingford, 3. Evelyn White-Luelen Coughlin, 4. Bet Pitts-Gloria Hollander. Men Main: 1. Jim Bailey-Larry Taylor, 2. Dave Kudro-Mel Erb, 3. Larry Mardis-Jerry Everett, 4. Faren Van De Grift-Jim Miller. Consolation: 1. Rich Gardner-Dave Gatchel, 2. Bob Grissom-Reed Lowden, 3. Leon Kwitowski-Bob Kendall, 4. Ben Coy-Robert Zielinski.

n Nov. 18 SWCD A-4 at Trailer Estates, District Ams/Any Doubles. Main: 1. David Welsh-Fred Thompson, 2. Jim Smith-Terry Wright, 3. Russell Spoto-Jim Vatter, 4. Larry Fowler-Richard McCowan. Consolation: 1. Ann Dirkse-Siggy Gudzus, 2. Ken Mather-Rich Klingman, 3. Wolter and Shirley Bootsma, 4. Elaine Jarvis-Rosemary Dinn.

n Nov. 23 at Bradenton FL P-8B Open, Mixed Doubles. Main: 1. Peter and Erika Berg, 2 Jerry and Marilyn Everett, 3. Larry Taylor. Consolation: 1. Jim Bailey-Judy Taylor, 2. Sue and Dave Minnich, 3. Ray Champlin-Margaret Hartzler, 4. Letha and Charlie DeVries. Thirteen of sixteen places from SWCD!

Future tournaments

n Today is the second day of FL P-9A at Hawthorne and P-9B at Boynton Beach. Also second day of FL A-5 at Deland, State Sponsored Singles Any Amaters. 12 frames, N/W. Thursday at Bradenton SWCD D-8 M/L Doubles, Restricted to State Amateurs and Pros. Friday at Bradenton, SWCD A-5, District Amateurs/Any Doubles.

n Monday, Dec. 5 at Lakeland FL P-10 Open Doubles M/L, one of only 6 regularly scheduled State Tournaments not split. Also Dec. 5 FL A-6A at Clearwater, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles and FL A-6B at Melbourne-Wickham Park, Non-walking Singles.

n Thursday, Dec. 8 at Tri-Par SWCD D-8 Open Mixed Doubles. Friday, Dec. 9 at Tri-Par SWCD A-6 Any District Ams/Any Doubles. Monday, Dec. 12 FL P-11A at Fort Pierce, -11B at Zephyrhills Betmar. Open M/L Doubles. Also Dec. 12 at Avon Park National Mixed Doubles, Any Amateurs,(one man, one lady).


Word is received of the passing of longtime Palmetto shuffler Esther Purvis, whose dear husband Melvin passed a few years ago. Shufflers like the Purvises set high standards in sportsmanship and volunteerism that we ought not ignore today.

Happy shuffling.