Shufflin': Extra buck to help with expenses, prizes; classes planned

At the Southwest Coast District Fall Meeting on Wednesday at Bradenton Shuffle Club, a couple of changes were instituted.

Beginning this week, host clubs in this district are permitted to increase registration to $6 for Thursday tournaments affecting only the upper division. The Friday tournaments for district amateurs remain at $5.

The extra dollar goes to the club to either help with expenses or be added to the prize payout. This represents the first increase in more than a decade.

On another subject, President Mike Marquis appointed a Committee on Promotion, which will arrange clinics to teach the sport to clubs across the district. It is hoped these classes will enable new players to try competition as district amateurs. This will be a good opportunity for sharpening skills with confidence to play anywhere.

Tournament results

n FL P-5 National Singles at Trailer Estates, Oct. 31-Nov. 2. Men Non-Walking Main: 1. Ben Coy, 2. Mel Erb, 3. Jim Bailey, 4. Ken Carrel. Consolation: 1. Faren Van De Grift, 3. Clare Mitchell. Men Walking Main: 1. Jim Miller, 2. Jerry Everett. Consolation: 1. Larry Taylor, 2. Dave Kudro, 3. Gerry Curwin.

Ladies Walking Main: 1. Judy Taylor, 4. Marilyn Everett. Consolation: 2. Marlene Coburn, 3. Letha DeVries, 4. Jean Goeman. Ladies Non-Walking Main: 2. Joyce Marquis, 3 Shirley McCullough. Consolation: 1. Beverly Jensen, 2. Erika Berg, 3. Carol Peoni, 4. Evelyn White. We are pleased to note that 20 of 32 places were won by players from this district.

n FL A-1 Amateurs Any Doubles at Clearwater, Nov. 1-2. Main: 2. Jim Smith-Terry Wright. Consolation: 1. Ron and Pam Nurnberger.

n SWCD D-4 at Palmetto, Nov. 3-4 M/L Doubles, restricted to pros and state ams. Men Main: 1. Ralph Lozano-Mike Marquis, 2. Dave Minnich-Bob Maxwell, 3. Mel Erb-Walt Wedel, 4. Mac Frazier-Stan Kowalewski. Consolation: 1. John Jandovitz-Jerry Jensen, 2. Russell Plumley-Joseph Kent, 3. Leon Kwitowski-Moe LeFavour, 4. Bob Kendall-Russ Goeman.

Ladies: Main 1. Emma Searcy-Shirley McCullough, 2. Alice Barlow-Pat Tomko, 3. Flo Kowalewski-Margaret Hartzler, 4. Jane McCulloch-Linda Wallingford. Consolation: 1. Adriana Cramton-Marty Reiter, 2. Ione Fowler-Beverly Jensen, 3. Joan Curwin-Erika Berg, 4. Letha DeVries-Nancy Sclafani.

n SWCD A-2 at Palmetto, Nov. 4. District Amateurs Any Doubles. Main: 1. Richard Klingman-Ken Mather, 2. David Welsh-Fred Thompson, 3. Bill Fowler-Tom Wixson, 4. Harriet and Henry Piccard. Consolation: 1. Jim Smith-Terry Wright, 2. Jim Vatter-Elaine Jarvis, 3. Nancy Ulicny-Elaine Bobeldyke, 4. Ruby Flickinger-Patrick Raleigh.

n FL P-6B at Port Charlotte, Nov. 7. Ladies Main: 1. Judy Taylor, 4. Joyce Marquis. Consolation: 2. Beverly Jensen-Flo Kowalewski, 4. Sue Minnich. Men Main: 1. Mel Erb-Jerry Everett, 2. John L. Brown-Paul Miller. Consolation: 1. Dave Kudro-Walt Wedel.

n FL A-2 at Lakeland, Nov. 7. Consolation: 3. Del Schram-Gerald Wynn.

n SWCD D-5 at Bradenton M/L Doubles, Thursday, restricted to pros and state amateurs. Men Main: 1. Peter Berg-Bob Cooter, 2. Paul Miller-Mel Erb, 3. Jim Bailey-Jerry Everett, 4. Ed Boley-Tim Smith. Consolation: 1. Jim Miller-Dave Kudro, 2. Jim Leonard-Mike Marquis, 3. Grant Childerhose-John Ulicny, 4. Tom Brown-Nelson Kellogg. Ladies Main: 1. Joyce Marquis-Marty Reiter, 2. Jane Bird-Sharon Olmstead, 3. Erika Berg-Emma Searcy, 4. Margaret Hartzler-Pat Tomko. Consolation: 1. Beverly Jensen-Flo Kowalewski, 2. Shirley McCullough-Luelen Coughlin, 3. Patdorff-Marlene Coburn, 4. Evelyn White-Anna Nuttall.

n SWCD A-3 at Bradenton District Amateurs/Any Doubles, Friday. Main: 1. Larry Fowler-Richard McCowan, 2. Jim Vatter-Patrick Raleigh, 3. Elaine Jarvis-Nancy Ulicny, 4. Russ Spoto-Donna Kranc.

Future tournaments

n Today is the second day of FL P-7A at Bradenton and P-7B at Melbourne Tropical Haven. M/L Open Doubles. Also FL A-3 at Sebring. SWCD D-7 at Trailer Estates, Thursday, District Ams/Any Doubles. SWCD A-4 at Trailer Estates, Friday, District Ams/Any Doubles. FL P-8A at Lakeland; P-8B at Bradenton, Monday, Mixed Doubles (One Man, One Lady). Also Monday, FL A-4 at Lee County, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Nov. 24 is Thanksgiving, no SWCD Tourney. FL P-9 at Hawthorne, P-9B at Boynton Beach, Nov. 28. Also FL A-5 at Deland, State Amateur Singles, Non-Walking M/L, 12 frames.


n Word is received of the passing of faithful district competitor Georgia Bauer of Tri-Par. Widowed a few years ago when Dick Bauer passed away, she continued their habit of weekly Interpark Play with Trailer Estates on Wednesdays. Her good nature and fine example will be missed.

n National Shuffleboard Association President-Elect Gus Bondi advises that the application to play on a team at the ISA event in Seattle in August 2012 is on the national website: Happy shuffling.