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It's a tense encounter at first... then, after a few sniffs and nuzzles, everything's allright. Daisy, a wee little Pekingese-Chihuahua puppy, gets the canine seal of approval from Andy, a lumbering and friendly 9 year-old Labrador-Shepherd mix, and Daisy's new older brother.

Daisy and Andy, along with Amos, another brother in this canine family, belong to Mark and Laura Stukey, proprietors of Ray's Canoe Hideaway.

This picture was taken about a month ago, and according to Mark, it's been a good month for Daisy at her new home down by the river. She's sticking to Amos and Andy like glue, and has even staked a claim on one of her older brother's chew toys - a rawhide bone about twice her size. Much to Mark's surprise, Daisy found it one day, took a couple sniffs, then clamped right down on it and ran off down the hall. You go, girl!