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Candidate response: Jan Schneider, U.S House, District 16

Jan Schneider participates in a forum at METV for the US House of Representatives, District 16.
Jan Schneider participates in a forum at METV for the US House of Representatives, District 16. ttompkins@bradenton.com

Editor’s note: The Bradenton Herald allows candidates who did not receive the Editorial Board’s recommendation the opportunity to respond.

Jan Schneider, U.S House, District 16

Jan Schneider fights for seniors, the middle class, the environment and protection of our government from sale to the highest bidders. She is a Yale-educated lawyer from the same class as Hillary and Bill Clinton. In a decade in Congress, Vern Buchanan has voted the Republican line 95 percent of the time and sponsored exactly one bill that became law. Even with recent, sordid revelations, he still endorses Donald Trump.

Despite vowing to protect seniors, Buchanan supports budgets that would privatize Social Security, in a district where nearly one-third of constituents are beneficiaries of over $3.5 billion annually. He repeatedly votes to convert Medicare into a voucher system, which would double medical costs for seniors. While the two candidates agree on many veterans’ issues, Schneider joins national veterans organizations in opposing privatization of VA health care.

The Schneider campaign supports enacting tax relief favoring the middle class and working families; creating good jobs by investing in infrastructure, education and clean energy; raising the minimum wage; closing corporate tax loopholes; combating social injustices; controlling climate change; and enhancing financial institution accountability. Schneider wants the Citizens United case overturned, by constitutional amendment if necessary. Buchanan steadfastly disagrees, among other things promoting tax cuts for the ultra-rich and large corporations and voting against regulating greenhouse gases.

Schneider is for reproductive rights and constitutional equality. Buchanan is anti-choice and votes against the LGBTQ community. He seeks a balanced budget amendment that would cripple government assistance in times of crisis.

Both candidates support continuing the ban on drilling off Florida coasts. They also agree regarding citrus disease, drugs, manatees, Zika and other issues. Buchanan, a self-declared “Life Member of the NRA,” toes the line on gun issues. Schneider favors reinstating the assault weapons ban.

The Herald’s recommendation of Buchanan is against the interests of Congressional District 16.