Letters to the Editor

How to stop house flooding

In the event that your area is prone to flooding, the following is submitted for you to prepare your house to not flood:

First, go to your local building center, then purchase the following items: four large rolls of heavy-duty black plastic; four large rolls of heavy-duty plastic tape (wide); 80-100 pieces of wood lathe; 50-100 concrete blocks; 50-100 sand bags, and a staple gun with many boxes of 9/16” staples.

First, you roll out one roll of the heavy plastic, unfolding until the entire roll is open. Then pull the plastic upon the side of your house to the right of your front door; then taking the lath strip, then rolling the plastic over the lath twice. Put the top of the plastic at four feet above the ground, or above the base of your house, then begin stapling through the lath into the siding of your house. Continue until you reach the end of the plastic.

Next, pull the plastic on the ground closer to the house. Lace concrete blocks along the ground edge next to the house until you reach the end of the plastic. With the next roll, open but overlap the ends by four inches and tape the entire width from the house to the outside edge of the plastic, both under and over the ends, thus sealing the joint. Repeat each step until you have covered the entire house with the plastic.

Place filled sand bags three feet in from the outer edge of the plastic, then roll the plastic over the sandbags, then anchor the sand bags atop the rolled plastic.

Billy L. Smith