Letters to the Editor

For self-defense, select a nine-shot, .22-caliber revolver


Every time President Obama talks about taking away our guns, people rush out to buy one while they can, but what type of gun is best?

First, I do not recommend any semi-automatic pistol for self-defense, because if you get a misfire, it takes two strong hands to jerk the slide back to eject the bad bullet and let a new one in.

Second, if you don't hold the gun tight, the mechanism won't work and your gun could jam. In either case, you could get killed.

My choice for a gun for self-defense is a nine-shot .22-caliber revolver. If you get a misfire in a revolver, just pull the trigger again to bring a good bullet under the firing pin.

Also, a .22 revolver has far less recoil than a .38, for example. There are many types of .22 bullets that include the .22 short for cheap target practice, and a .22 long-rifle bullet with a hollow nose. This bullet makes a small hole going in, but a big hole going out. It will kill a man.

You don't need a permit to keep a gun in your house, but you do need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in your purse or in your pocket. You can take the short course to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon at most gun shops where you buy your gun, and they will also teach you relevant law.

An amusing expression for saying that you carry a concealed weapon is to say, "I walk heavy."

As a final thought for the ladies, a gun salesman will try to sell you a pink semi-automatic because the gun shop makes more profit. Demand a nine-shot .22 revolver, or take you business someplace else.

I personally have a Taurus nine-shot .22 revolver; you can't beat it for quality and reasonable price.

John Howell, Ph.D.