Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Mr. Colon, for accepting appointment to Manatee County school board

For the past six years but more especially the past three we have watched the school district of Manatee County spiral downward in governance at the board level.

Because of a couple dysfunctional members who have been egregiously inappropriate in their self-dealing and self-promoting, it has left the board very dysfunctional. At last we have seen a responsible businessman and a citizen knowledgeable about education step forward and be willing to give of his time, talent and professionalism to help leadership and integrity return to our school board.

Mr. John Colon, thank you for being willing to be involved in the important effort of a governance turnaround. Coupled with the administrative turnaround initiated by Mr. Rick Mills and now going to a new level with Dr. Diana Greene, we will rapidly see our school district of Manatee County return to the level of excellence that "we the people" expect.

Your involvement will help assure that.

(Gov. Rick Scott appointed John Colon to serve on the board until 2016 to replace the late Mary Cantrel.)

Richard T Conard, MD