Letters to the Editor

Plans for Rye Road-SR 64 roundabout raises doubts

Plans for a roundabout interchange at SR 64 and Rye Road are apparently proceeding. As one who travels that intersection regularly, I have grave doubts that a roundabout will solve its traffic problems.

Looking at experience from Britain, the following are problems that have been generated by large roundabouts:

Circulation speeds are much too high.

Difficult to enter due to the high-speed circulation.

Rollover crashes of large vehicles have occurred (think orange trucks).

Interchanges take up too much space.

Difficult to maintain drainage systems.

Most large roundabouts at key nodes (intersections) now signalized.

There is little doubt that something has to be done at this intersection as at certain times it is not unusual to see up to 20 cars on Rye Road waiting to merge onto SR 64 and almost as many on SR 64 waiting to turn onto Rye Road.

It is apparent a roundabout probably will not solve that problem.

In the short term, something as simple as a dedicated right-turn lane on Rye Road would greatly help, but I think the only successful long-term solution would be to install a signal system with the proper timing.

Dan Leskinen, PE