Letters to the Editor

Fathers left out of abortion decision can encounter grief

In Katie Powers's Herald column on June 9, titled "Celebrating the importance of fathers in a child's life," she stated: "Fathers are important. The absence of a father or a father figure in a child's life can have lifelong implications for a child ..."

We in the pro-life community couldn't agree more; however, due to abortion laws men have no say in whether or not their child can be aborted.

Even if the man and woman are married! Yes, that's right. It's unbelievable that a married man has no rights to his unborn child!

Laws of the United States do not acknowledge the right of a father to stop the abortion of his own child.

The Priests for Life website states: "Because of this, post abortion counseling services are seeing an increasing number of men come forward, grieving for their aborted child."

Rachel's Vineyard offers post abortion counseling services for those grieving the decision of an abortion, whether or not you were involved in the decision.

They can be reached at 1-877-467-3463 or www.rachelsvineyard.org. "It's a safe place to rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion" -- Priests for Life.

The organization serves both men and women.

In closing, I want to wish all fathers a Happy Father's Day and thank all the men who stepped up to the plate and who raised or helped raise a child, whether biological or otherwise. I salute you for your sacrifice and compassion.

Jo Ann Williams