Letters to the Editor

Celebrating fathers who cherish their children

For all the dedicated dads who for various reasons are not with their children this Father's Day, this letter is for you.

Courage is the mark of a military dad. You've chosen a job that often takes you away from the children you cherish. You represent our nation even when we take for granted the many freedoms and opportunities your commitment preserves.

Your love is unselfish, the enduring support of your families an inspiration. Thank you for personal sacrifices on our behalf. You are the finest of fathers.

Long suffering is the mark of absentee dads who truly love and want to be in their children's lives. Through courts and laws, they cannot fulfill their roles and are sidelined in the family structure.

You are even more important in your absence, as your children will seek you and want to know you regardless of circumstances. Live your life well, your grief will never be greater than their happiness in knowing they have always been loved by you no matter what.

Forever young is the unfortunate mark of fathers who died through illness, accident or by hand of others. Dads who were fully in their children's lives, guiding and supporting, loving and sharing. The sudden absence of your awesome life is deeply felt.

So is the time well spent together, experiencing and lessons learned. Who you were will continue to be appreciated, your place honored. Fathers Day is always, especially yours.

To all the wonderful dads away from home this Father's Day, you are celebrated with much love and devotion! Our fathers, our heroes every day.

Mara Grose