Letters to the Editor

Armed, trained congregants would help thwart killings

It is time for pastors and churches to understand the worldwide threat to Christians and the buildings they pray in are under attack. It is legal for the church to train and arm their men sitting in the pews to protect their flock from assassins who have hatred in their heart for Christians white and black.

We have a well-trained Manatee County Sheriff's Office that protects us, but deputies cannot be everywhere and it takes time to respond. Well-placed men in a church can give deputies the time they need to arrive and take over.

Same goes for our local police departments; they need time to respond.

Some will say, "Just trust in God and let him handle it." Well, God gave us the responsibility to protect one another and a brain and a heart with eyes to see evil with the will to fight it when it shows up.

As a former law enforcement officer, military police officer and currently an instructor who teaches people in "close quarters combat" with a firearm, I offer this training to any church that wants it.

I am tired of hearing, "It won't happen here."

Mike McLeod