Letters to the Editor

Fire congressmen who voted no on military appropriations bill

I just read where the House of Representatives voted on the Military Appropriations Bill HR 2685 with 278 for and 149 against this bill. Personally, I think those 149 should be fired.

This bill is what keeps our military the best in the world and protects the right to say no to these ne'er do wells in our Congress.

Our two representatives, Vern Buchanan and Tom Rooney, voted "yes!"

I am sure that most of the "no" votes were strictly political, and I suspect many did not even read the bill. No surprise!

I would like to see a count of those who voted "no" as to whether they have ever been separated from country, family and friends for years, not knowing whether they would come home at all.

To me, having been a military wife for 22 years, I can speak from experience. No money in the world would solve the problem, but to turn down a paltry 2.3 percent raise in pay is a slap in the face!

Also, I cannot remember the last time we heard from the military chiefs of staff as to their recommendations on this bill.

I truly hope that when this bill is sent to the U.S. Senate, it will pass with flying colors!

Joan Shirey