Letters to the Editor

Obamacare 'loophole' could be its demise in Supreme Court ruling

The Herald editorial board last Saturday praised as "pure genius" the fact that craft distilleries had found a loophole in the writing of a law recently passed by the Florida Legislature.

In a nutshell, the way the law was written, craft breweries will be able to sell more beer in their establishments simply by changing the label on the bottle a bit and thereby circumventing the stranglehold that "big alcohol" and their big cash political action committees had on the Legislature and their biased law.

Apparently, the Herald is all for circumventing the "original intent" of a written law by finding a loophole. I can only hope they will feel the same when the Supreme Court, if they do their job as it is written, strikes down the legality of The Affordable Care Act.

After all, the law clearly states the subsidies for health care shall only be available on exchanges "established by the states," of which 34 out of 50 have refused to participate in and rightly so (of the 14 participating, half are in financial trouble).

This mandate of the law is clearly not being followed by the federal government as they illegally set up national exchanges in those 34 states, including Florida.

This should come as no surprise as this president has repeatedly ignored his own law and extended deadlines for some and exempted others as he saw fit, totally ignoring the letter of the law.

Polls continue to show a large majority of Americans are holding their breath, hoping our Supreme Court will get it right this time and interpret the law as it is written and strike it down. Gotta love loopholes.

Mike Kantor