Letters to the Editor

Obama's misguided Cuba policy no reason for Manatee County to jump on trade potential

If the shoe fits: He ...

1. started by having the government take over various companies in the financial industry;

2. increased government funding of health care and education;

3. initiated housing subsidies;

4. came out for "social justice";

5. was in power when corruption was rife within his own justice department and other government departments;

6. launched domestic policies that included redistribution of wealth;

7. freely used propaganda and circumvented specific laws by enabling acts of lawlessness from his own administration;

8. was critical of capitalism;

9. was a community organizer;

His name? Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela (1954-2003). He was a self-proclaimed communist/Marxist who sought out like-minded leaders in Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Syria, Nicaragua, Libya and Iran!

He participated in raising $2 billion from a joint Iranian/Venezuelan fund which was used to help countries oppose "U.S. Imperialism." Venezuela has still not recovered from his being president.

And now, Obama is kissing up to communist Cuba. Cuba has not changed. Cuba and Chile have communist roots since the 1930s.

And so I would urge you to talk to your county commissioners and ask them to turn down any trade with Cuba that would go out of Port Manatee.

We should not support any ferry service from the port either. Monies involved with trade do not get to the Cuban people but line the pockets of the No. 1 anti-American government in our hemisphere.

David Cohen

Myakka City