Letters to the Editor

Unwarranted regulations keep middle class down

In a recent letter to the Herald, William Roberts explains how the "looting" by the executives of major corporations has weakened the middle class and endangers its future.

He says that although "Repcons" always blame Obama for the decline of the middle class, it's not his fault.

No, it's really the fault of those nasty, money-grubbing corporate executives whose business model encourages stock buy-backs that enrich the executives and their stockholders (who are you and me) but inhibit reinvestment in workers, thereby limiting job creation and pay increases for them.

This, naturally, is fostered by Republican policies which are diabolically designed to deny workers increased prosperity and economic growth.

Actually, there are only a few hundred major corporations in this country. The top executives of these firms could make twice what they do now and it would hardly move the needle on the nation's overall compensation meter.

The vast majority of businesses in this country have 500 or fewer employees and are the real drivers of the economy.

Liberal-socialist policies produce over-regulation and burdensome taxes. Complying with these crippling policies reduces the hard-to-come-by profits of these smaller, financially weaker companies and restricts opportunity for expansion to the point where growth has stagnated for the past six years.

To reinvigorate the middle class, get government out of the way of thousands of businesses now struggling with largely unwarranted regulations and help them develop products and services that benefit us all.

Guess I'll just have to satisfy myself by admiring hard-working, creative, responsible, and yes, compassionate entrepreneurs who have made this country the model of economic strength and individual freedom it is and, with a little bit of luck, will continue to be in spite of the SocialistDems.

Donald Doherty