Letters to the Editor

High prices for pets adds to overcrowding

I have just recently moved here from Ohio and was looking for a cat to keep me company, for I would be living alone. I did not want a kitten specifically; an adult or middle-aged cat would have been fine as well.

I searched and searched. Online, in the paper, Craigslist, everything. What I found was that everyone was looking for something in return for the cat.

I called the adoption clinic and they wanted $100 for their animals. People of the community wanted $50-$100 for their animal.

I understand you want something in exchange for the cat, but this will not help the over-population problem! If the clinics are over populated, don't try to sell strays for $100. Yes, they have shots and such.

I grew up on a farm. A stray is invincible, shots or not. And I can get my kitten spayed for free. Do you want a profit, or do you want animals to find nice, long-term homes?

P.S.: I found someone who was giving away free kittens and got one that is perfect and now being spoiled.

Alex Brown