Letters to the Editor

Where are facts about U.S. becoming communist?

I read with interest Mr. John Howell's history of communism (Letters, "Will America become a communist nation?" June 9) . Millions of people being killed in Russia and China, which is true. But as we have now had a "communist president" for almost two terms, I have not been made aware of the millions of Americans being killed. Have I missed something?

He seems to be very knowledgeable about the dictators in China and Russia with facts, etc. Where are his facts about our heading towards communism?

I know he said he has "talked to many people" so maybe he could ask them for the facts. We all would be very interested to know them as well.

I was especially interested in the knowledge that we "have already reached the point of no return" and so if that is the case, why is he thinking the next election will mean anything to this Doomsday theory?

Alan J. Rodrigues