Letters to the Editor

Blame border insecurity on inept, posing politicians

Do you ever notice when something like a Border Patrol chopper gets shot at and forced to land, or anything for that matter, congressmen run to the border to get face time and pretend like they are on top of securing the border? What a crock!

The Bush boys, the corrupt Clintons, the useless Obamas and a Congress that could care less about securing or closing that border. If they all had acted, the border would be closed and secure today.

Private militias are doing more to protect us and the ranchers than our own inept government. The militias are true patriots that care about the Constitution and civil rights, and they willing to stand in the breach to make sure we do not lose them.

So, you congressmen and senators, get your face time with all the news media pretending to care with no solutions even though it is staring you right in the face. We just have lost faith in you.

Mike McLeod