Letters to the Editor

Editorial on voter equality ignores history of fraud

The Herald's June 10 publication of the Baltimore Sun editorial "How about voter equality" only serves to underscore the hopeless hypocrisy of Democratic Party talking points as they drip out of liberal bastions like Baltimore.

The gist of this hogwash seems to be that voter fraud is as rare as "Bigfoot sightings or claims of alien contact," which conveniently overlooks Chicago Mayor Daly's penchant for coaxing votes from the dead (often more than one vote).

There is also ample evidence that massive voter fraud threw the 1960 presidential election to John F. Kennedy. Examples of voter fraud are as old as the vote itself.

As for Hillary Clinton's Joan-of-Arc heroics to save us all from voter ID's, I might suggest that if we all have to register, then no one is suffering "voter suppression."

The Democrats' problem is not that their voters have to register, it is that they can't get their base to actually visit a voting booth.

Roy Baggs