Letters to the Editor

Banish mud-slinging political ads on TV

The seemingly unending TV political ads will begin again as the presidential race heats up. They may start by promoting the attributes of a candidate, but as contenders are weeded out, TV spots will degenerate to the reprehensible mud-slinging events hated by Republican, Democrat and independent voters alike.

Besides odious content, their frequency is also very offensive. As we near November 2016, more and more of these hateful harangues will be broadcast.

Some countries limit the amount of time candidates can campaign for public office; they're certainly more civilized than us when it comes to politics.

Therefore, I suggest national networks and local stations not run political ads for any candidate. Airtime will not go idle without them; there are ads every 10 minutes on all non-cable stations.

I'd rather see a Preparation H commercial than watch politicians smearing one another. Come to think of it, that's a good analogy!

Robert Kushner