Letters to the Editor

Democrats err in shifting blame to Republicans

The subject line of this email letter, "Groveling at the feet of billionaires," is a quote from a recent letter by Mr. William Roberts, not my choice. In it, he repeats the very old and tired refrain repeated by Democrats that all the problems faced by the middle class are the fault of Republicans, who he derisively terms "Repcons." So much for objectivity.

At no time in his letter does he mention which political party has been managing our government for the past six-plus years, as though they don't bear any responsibility. Can you say "blame the other guy?"

It's time this deception is exposed for what it really is. Responsibility for our government policy, including the result of that policy as it applies to the middle class' economic woes, rests totally on liberal Democratic ideals.

Increasing taxes, failure to reign in entitlement spending and the monumentally growing numbers of people on welfare is not what "Repcons" want, and every time they try to obstruct such destructive policies, Democrats whine and displace the real blame with shameless obfuscation.

Let's hope they don't make the same mistake again.

Donald Berger

Lakewood Ranch