Letters to the Editor

Commentary castigating Kansas GOP policies wrong

In an Opinion article, Katrina Vanden Heuvel of the Washington Post castigates the Republican Party generally and Gov. Brownback of Kansas specifically for weak economic growth in his state due to the governor's tax cuts and work requirements for welfare, Medicaid and other dependency programs.

Well, as it turns out, what she says about the state of the state of Kansas is all wrong. In fact, as the governor's policies and tax cuts have finally started taking effect, despite the objections and obstructionism of the Democrat politicians of the state (the tax cuts, etc., just took effect two years ago), here's what happened: employment is increasing (above the national average), small businesses are thriving, and state revenues are increasing. Increasing, mind you!

So what should we take away from her article? In my opinion, it is this: If a Democrat says something in the mainstream media, it is almost certainly untrue. In fact, the complete opposite is much more likely to be accurate.

Peter Stasiowski