Letters to the Editor

Fort Hamer bridge a new sign of county failures

The Fort Hammer bridge project, having been downsized from six lanes to two, is ridiculous. Why bother. It will just be another traffic jam like the other bridges.

It's another example of Manatee County falling further behind. This bridge is obsolete and it is not even built.

I'm curious if any other bridges being widened or built are in the works? When will I-75 be widened? Like every other county it runs through!

The widening of U.S. 301 in Ellenton is a beautiful job. It needed to be six to eight lanes when it was built.

What's going to happen when the 25,000 houses being built in Parrish are completed? Moccasin Wallow needs to be six lanes now before they are completed. Has anyone considered a new interchange at I-75 and Buckeye Road?

I think it's time the people running this county started to handle these problems before they become any worse.

John Holland