Letters to the Editor

Wealth dislodges Democrats as political party of the poor

Myra Jones' latest letter was completely devoid of any factual material. It was entirely made up of her opinions which of course she is completely entitled to.

However, I, like many people, would rather be presented with substantial facts rather than unfounded opinion. Of course she had to include her usual regarding the rich vs. the poor. To show how out of touch she is, her closing remark was, "If you are rich, vote Republican!"

Well, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and George Soros are three of the wealthiest men in America if not the world. Oprah is one of the world's richest women. They are all Democrats.

Seven of our 10 richest senators are Democrats. Most of our Hollywood celebrities and movie stars who are all worth millions are noted liberal Democrats.

Actually, this list could go on for pages. But let's just top it off with the fact that in the last year, the Clintons have made at least $25 million from giving speeches alone.

Their Clinton Foundation has taken in over $2 billion. Approximately 8 percent has gone to charity and 60 percent is basically unaccounted for.

Change is inevitable and the Democratic Party is no longer the party of the poor. Obama raised more campaign money than any candidate in history, and Hillary is making that look like chump change.

Vote however you want, but when it comes to party politics, the rich vs. the poor argument no longer holds water. It's the poor who vote for Democrats. But the Democrats that they vote for are all rich, and those misled voters remain poor.

David Altenbach