Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Week, May 1-9

Florida Legislature disappoints for embarrassing infighting

Originally published on May 3

I feel so let down by our legislative delegation and our governor during this session of the Florida Legislature.

It has been an embarrassment reading the paper and reading online the disagreements between parties and legislators.

The fact that not only the legislators themselves do not get along, but the governor uses political blackmail by threatening to veto the work that they have tried to accomplish in order to dictate his own interests.

Some of the things that have been brought forward, like re-naming colleges and getting involved in local politics, are ridiculous. They should have been working on problems that need the help of lawmakers, like taking care of medical needs to the seniors, the poor, and mentally ill.

Working on any board, whether nonprofit or governmental, requires give and take. Our delegation has been acting like spoiled children, and nothing much has been accomplished.

Now, there is no time to finish the one thing that has to be done by law, pass a balanced budget. The legislative session is going to have to be extended.

Do you know how much this will cost? Staff will have to be lodged in Tallahassee, food and gas will have to be provided and the legislators themselves will turn in vouchers for their expenses.

The voters should remember this at election time, and vote the slackers out.

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