Letters to the Editor

Protests over court rulings in shootings ignore the law

Why protest America's court decisions?

I look in amazement at people protesting in Cleveland, Baltimore and other cities throughout America because they want to take the law in their own hands.

Isn't this old Wild West thinking? That is why we have courts and laws. Only uncivilized countries act like what we are witnessing in these cities.

The couple in Cleveland got shot because they broke the law and put innocent Americans at risk with their behavior. It does not matter that they did not have guns; the weapon they chose was a vehicle.

For example, the riots and looting that has occurred is not due to an injustice of the law or the death of a few people who broke the law and resisted arrest. It is only the excuse being used.

The death of anyone is sad but people make choices and these people made a bad choice. They had no respect for authority. Their actions dictated the outcome.

Begin by taking responsibility for your actions and quit thinking you are owed something. Always judge the person, not the color of their skin.

If we had a president with integrity, he could speak against this irresponsible action, but unfortunately we do not.

Richard Ringled