Letters to the Editor

Ronald Reagan's record discounts claims as best president

This is in response to John Clancy's recent letter glorifying President Ronald Reagan and promoting conservatism over liberalism.

Apparently, Mr. Clancy has forgotten about the Iran-Contra scandal and the fact that Reagan's delay in AIDS research cost the lives of countless innocent people.

Reagan's cutting of mental health funding put thousands of disabled individuals, some of whom had never taken care of themselves, on the streets as homeless.

He was at least partially responsible for the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Yes, he cut taxes for the rich and began the decline of the middle class and the rise of the deficit via "trickle-down" economics, which never worked.

Mr. Clancy was twice wrong, once stating Reagan was the "best president" and secondly putting Reagan's term of office in "this" century. He was not the best president, Mr. Clancy, in any century.

Robert Kushner