Letters to the Editor

Honor fallen soldiers and alumni on Manatee County school district website

I served in Vietnam from 1967-1968. Memorial Day has always been a somber day for me as we remember the sacrifice that countless numbers of our casualties our military has suffered to protect and preserve our nation.

In dangerous times like these, our military is what keeps the wolf at bay and our citizens safe from threats from across the world. That safety comes at a great price as shown by every high school in this district having a set of photos honoring their alumni who have been killed in the service of our country.

The district and school web site are one of the key information tools used in the district. Unfortunately, there is nothing posted anywhere that I saw that recognizes these former students that gave everything for our country.

Something is wrong when we so easily forget to honor the memory of those who gave everything for us.

In the interest of creating a homogenized, standardized, and uniform website design for the district, I am afraid that we have lost sight of recognizing our people to whom we owe so much. There has to be a better way to keep these things that mean so much to so many families.

This week our district's officials will shake the hands of hundreds of young men and women as they walk across the stage to become graduates of our school system.

Many of those graduates will take their place in the military and soon be in harm's way serving our country.

Do our officials want to be remembered as one of the people who supported the policy of making it easy to forget the sacrifices made by our former students who paid with their lives to keep us free? I certainly hope not.

Dan Crumpler