Letters to the Editor

Ben Carson the only worthy GOP candidate for president

Are you fed up with the way your country is being managed, and are you also feeling rather frightened that the country you know and love is being destroyed?

Do you have a feeling of hopelessness because you see no signs that our enormous problems will ever be solved?

I feel that way, too, but it is not enough to blame the incompetence and the socialist policies of the president and his followers. Much of the blame must be laid at the doorstep of the elite Republican Party leaders. They lack guts and bravery.

They fooled us again last November when we were told that all they needed was a majority in both the House and Senate. We gave the Republicans that majority and so far their leadership has wasted our hard-won victory.

I shall not be fooled again!

We have many excellent, inspired, conservative members in Congress, many of whom won their seats last November. The problem is that the Republican Party leadership has stifled the reforms and sensible, brave policies we expected when we delivered that majority.

We must learn some important lessons as the current election season heats up. The first lesson is to reject and try to replace the candidates we know will fail us.

Whenever we have the opportunity, we must confront the failed Republican candidates and tell them our support has been withdrawn.

Leadership is our problem, and although there are many Republican politicians considering a run for the presidential nomination, there are too few excellent candidates.

The leader I see as far and away our best choice is Dr. Ben Carson. He is a wise, accomplished man who will surround himself with brave, inspired colleagues, and in the Reagan tradition we will see our beloved country restored and on the right track at home and internationally.

It is the "eleventh hour," folks. We must not make a mistake. Ben Carson is the right choice.

Jack Wilson

Longboat Key