Letters to the Editor

Skip search; Diana Greene earned schools superintendent job

It is interesting that at the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance luncheon last week, Bob Gause, school board chairman, made the statement that the board would be doing a superintendent search.

It is interesting because the board has not decided that it will do a search. Who has Gause been talking to? Out of sunshine?

Dr. Diana Greene was second runner-up in the previous search, which in the end chose Rick Mills.

Why would the school board spend our tax dollars in another search when they have a viable candidate already in place, who has shown her loyalty and competency with two years' service?

She came from Marion County Schools, a district that was ranked ahead of Manatee County at the time and this despite a much higher ratio of Title I students.

Under Dr. Greene's leadership, the school district ranking rose 10 places and our Title I schools have been recognized by the FDOE as being the best in the state.

Dr. Greene has two years of service and a record of accomplishments that have been lacking in previous leaders selected by the good ol' boy network.

Let's get behind Dr. Greene and let our school board and newspapers know that we support her.

Michael Becks